Whole-Home Rewiring in Summerville, SC

Most of us can’t imagine what life would be like without electricity. Humanity first harnessed electrical power nearly 150 years ago. It was another 50 years before electricity started becoming mainstream. Even then, only about half the homes in America were equipped with electrical systems.

Today, though, we depend on our home electrical systems for everything from basic lighting to cooking, entertainment, indoor air quality, and other everyday necessities and conveniences. Of course, if your electrical system is outdated or damaged, you may be getting a bit of a glimpse into life before electricity became common in homes. Whole-Home Electrical Rewiring may be the solution you need. 

Keeping Your Home’s Electrical System Safe and Functional

At RAM Electric, LLC, we’re experts in whole-home electrical rewiring. We know how much your family relies on electricity and how much of a hassle a malfunctioning electrical system can be. Because of that, we’re here to keep your wiring safe and functional. Our team has all the tools, knowledge, and experience needed to bring your electrical system up to par and ensure it meets your expectations. Contact us to schedule a consultation or appointment, and we’ll handle all your electrical needs. 

Do I Need Whole-Home Rewiring?

There’s no denying that whole-home rewiring in Summerville, SC is a major investment and an extensive undertaking. No doubt, you want to make sure a project like this is truly necessary before diving into it. If you live in an older home that’s still equipped with its original wiring, chances are the electrical system is no longer safe. It’s probably not as effective as more modern alternatives, either. 

Many older homes have knob-and-tube electrical systems. These were state-of-the-art back in their day, but they have certain limitations. They’re not equipped with the types of grounding modern electrical systems have, and they can’t support appliances with three-pronged plugs. Those are only a couple of the reasons they were phased out decades ago. 

Some older homes are equipped with aluminum wiring as well. Aluminum wiring was commonly used for a brief period from the 1960s to the 1970s. Though it conducts electricity well, it’s not as effective as modern copper wiring. Aluminum wiring systems’ connections have also been deemed unsafe. Some reports indicate that homes with aluminum wiring are more than 50 times more vulnerable to fires than those with copper wiring. 

Those are a couple of reasons you may need whole-home rewiring. Of course, certain other issues could lead to the need to update your entire electrical system as well. Your electrical system may not be capable of handling the load your family places on it. Maybe another company installed the original wiring and it was never done properly, to begin with.

Perhaps your existing electrical system has clearly become unsafe. You may notice a burning smell coming from some of the outlets or switches. Maybe the lights flicker when an appliance starts up. It could be that you keep blowing fuses or tripping circuit breakers. Either way, we’re here to improve the safety, capacity, and performance of your electrical system. 

How Does Whole-House Rewiring Work?

As the name indicates, whole-house rewiring entails removing your home’s old electrical wiring and replacing it with newer, safer, and more effective wiring. This type of project is inarguably best left to a professional electrician in Summerville, SC because of the sensitive and potentially dangerous nature of electricity. We’ll get rid of as much of the old wiring system as possible as we replace it with modern, efficient wiring. All the while, we’ll cause as little disruption to your life and damage to your home as possible.

We’ll most likely need to upgrade your electrical panel as well to ensure your new wiring can handle the load modern appliances and devices place on it. While we’re working, we can install new lighting fixtures and electrical outlets if you’d like. Many older homes aren’t equipped with the types of outlets, lighting, and other electrical features today’s families need, but we can remedy those issues. 

Ensuring Your Electrical System Meets Your Needs

Older electrical systems just aren’t set up to handle modern electrical needs. After all, several decades ago, there just weren’t as many appliances and devices on the market as there are today. All that has changed at this point, though. If you’re still relying on an outdated electrical system, it may not be as safe and functional as you need it to be. Our team of electrical experts is here to make things right. Call us or fill out the form on our website to request an inspection or schedule electrical rewiring services today.