Electrical Panel Changeouts in Summerville, SC

Homeowners might notice they have fuses that regularly blow or one or more breakers have gone bad in their electrical panel. When this is the case, it’s time to call RAM Electric, LLC. We’ll send out an experienced electrician to determine the source of the problem and potential solutions to resolve it. Consumers know they can count on us to diagnose the issue and fix it properly the first time. Furthermore, they trust us to provide the highest quality of service with every job we do. When should an electrician be contacted for a problem in the home? 

Detecting an Electrical Panel Issue

When was the last time you opened your electrical panel? Homeowners rarely touch this box unless there is an issue. However, when the lights begin dimming after an appliance is plugged in or turned on, this serves as a sign the electrical system in the home needs attention. The same holds when an outlet or switch begins buzzing. 

If you go to plug something in to an outlet or turn on a switch, the outlet or switch cover should not be warm to the touch. When it is, call RAM Electric, LLC to learn why this is the case. Burning odors must be investigated immediately to prevent damage to the home and possible harm to its occupants. 

Any outlet or plug that is scorched must not be used. Furthermore, an electrician in Summerville, SC needs to come out and determine why this damage occurred. Finally, when an appliance or electronic device in the home fails to get adequate power, the electrical system needs to be inspected. They may suggest a problem within the electrical panel, and Electrical Panel Changeouts remain common service requests following this inspection. 

Why an Inspection by a Professional is Critical

Outdated wiring or wiring that lacks the proper insulation can be deadly, as either situation may lead to a residential fire. Furthermore, overloaded panels can result in a fire. People have more electronic devices than ever before, and charging these devices or using them in the home might result in an overload of the panel. Electrical panel upgrades in Summerville, SC reduce the risk of problems developing, ones that may go undetected for an extended period. 

Panel Changeouts

A person might assume they can easily handle electrical panel changeouts. Although the work appears to be straightforward, incorrectly wiring the panel or configuring it improperly leads to the risk of a dangerous electrical shock. Furthermore, improper work serves as a fire hazard in the home. An electrician from RAM Electric, LLC undergoes training to ensure the panel changeout is handled properly from start to finish. 

Replacing an Outdated Electrical System

If the home has a fuse box, the homeowner will likely want to upgrade it to an electrical panel. This requires the assistance of an electrician who has the education, training, and experience to carry out this job. They do so while taking into consideration the existing wiring, the load capacity of the home, and current safety conditions. 

In the past, many homes came equipped with a 100 amp service. Modern electrical systems, however, benefit from a 200 amp service. RAM Electric, LLC can be of help in making this upgrade. 

Regular Inspections

Every homeowner should have their electrical panel regularly inspected. The electrician examines the panel to identify any potential problems. In addition, they look to see if the panel requires updating. A failure to have this work completed could result in the panel becoming overloaded because it cannot meet the demands of the home’s occupants.

Electrical panels in older homes remain most at risk of being overloaded. They weren’t designed for electronics people have access to today. Fortunately, an electrical panel upgrade can prevent problems before they start. 

Other Services

The electrician might find the electrical panel doesn’t need to be upgraded. However, they detect another issue that needs to be addressed promptly. Thankfully, the team at RAM Electric, LLC can handle any work a customer needs to be completed. Give us a call today to handle all of your electrical needs. 

Our team is ready to help with any electrical issue you are experiencing. Don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our friendly electricians work with you to determine the source of the electrical issues you are experiencing and come up with possible solutions. It’s your home and we want to help you maintain and protect it in any way we can. 

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