Outdoor Lighting Installation in Summerville, SC

Men and women spend a significant amount of money to become homeowners. Upon doing so, the task of maintaining the home falls on them, as an unkempt home decreases the property value while annoying the neighbors. When constructing a new home, men and women should find ways to boost the value of the property. Installing outdoor lighting serves as an excellent way to achieve this goal. What are some benefits associated with outdoor lighting?

Visual Appeal

Homeowners want a beautiful residence to come home to every day, and RAM Electric can help with this. Using our Outdoor Lighting Installation services, the homeowner highlights those exterior features that add to the visual appeal of the residence. This might be a pond or garden that draws the eye or a fountain and outdoor seating area. The exterior lights allow the features to be seen after dark. 


People want to enjoy their property fully and outdoor lighting in Summerville, SC allows them to do so after the sun goes down. Cut the lights on and play a family game of football in the backyard after dinner or enjoy a night swim in your in-ground pool once the neighbors have gone to bed. Certain things cannot be done without light, so installing landscape lights extends the amount of time a person can spend outdoors engaging in activities they love. 


Outdoor lights boost the security of any property. Criminals want an easy target, one that remains dark to hide them from the view of individuals passing by. Research shows installing outdoor lights helps to cut crime rates drastically. RAM Electric, LLC would love to come out and help you design your exterior lighting to protect your home, family, and assets. 

When designing your outdoor lighting scheme, we pay close attention to those areas that would otherwise remain in the shadows. These are the areas where criminals love to hide. We take those opportunities away from them. 


Safety and security go hand in hand. Homeowners want to make the most of every inch of living space on their property, and outdoor lights allow them to do so. Entertaining has never been easier when you have deck and patio lights to illuminate the area. Visitors can move around the backyard and mingle when landscape lights are spread throughout the yard, and children will enjoy sitting outside on cool nights to read a book or visit with their friends. 

The exterior lights ensure everyone stays safe while on the property. Moving from one location to another becomes easier when there is ample light to see where you are going. Although we would all like to think our family and friends want what is best for us, lawsuits have been filed when a person fell on the property of a loved one. They wanted compensation for their injuries, and it destroyed the relationship. 

We don’t want our customers to have to deal with a situation such as this. When we install outdoor lights, we work to place them in areas where they will provide the most light. This helps to prevent accidents while allowing for more enjoyment of the property. 

Property Value

A home’s value grows over time. The homeowner must properly maintain the residence to allow this to happen, but their hard work pays off in the long run. When the house goes up for sale in the future, its value will have increased thanks to the efforts of the homeowner in terms of maintaining the property. 

Landscape lighting installation in Summerville, SC may increase the property value by up to 20 percent, according to some estimates. It does so thanks to the unique features provided. Not only do the lights increase the visual appeal of the property, but they also offer the other benefits mentioned above. Keep this in mind when constructing your new home and include outdoor lighting in your budget. This is one upgrade you cannot afford to overlook. 

When you are ready to install outdoor lights, call us at RAM Electric, LLC. Our team loves to help homeowners create the perfect residence for their needs. In addition to tackling the outdoor lighting installation, we also assist clients with interior lighting upgrades and electrical system projects. Regardless of what you need, all you have to do is ask. We will work to make it happen. 

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