New Home Electrical Circuits in Summerville, SC

At RAM Electric, LLC, we’re dedicated to excellence and professionalism, and that’s why we offer a customer guarantee that ensures the highest level of service. When called to do so, our trained electricians will evaluate your home’s needs and make recommendations that meet them.

We stand by every estimate we offer, which means there are no surprise costs and hidden fees to consider. Whether you need to upgrade an existing home’s wiring or you’re building from the ground up, you can count on the pros at RAM Electric, LLC to get the job done.

Circuit Breaker Installation Services

Circuit breakers serve an important purpose. They manage and distribute electrical current throughout the home. As the average Summerville household’s power demands increase and we become more dependent on technology, home circuit breakers are becoming overloaded.

Replacing old circuit breakers—or installing high-capacity units in a new home—will ensure the safety of the structure and its appliances while reducing the risk of fires and damaging power surges. Contact us today to find out more about our New Home Electrical Circuits.

Outlet and Switch Installation

The team at RAM Electric, LLC can also install outlets and switches to accommodate upgraded appliances and finish home construction projects. With modern receptacles and outlets offering reliable, uninterrupted power, your new home will be much safer.

RAM Electric’s technicians can also install GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets, which have reset and test buttons that minimize the risk of sparks and fire. According to national codes, these outlets are required in kitchens, bathrooms, and other wet areas to prevent severe electric shocks.

Outdoor and Security Lighting for New Homes

The right lighting arrangement can turn your backyard, deck, patio, and landscape into a safe, yet welcoming environment. From pathway lighting to string lights, the experts at RAM Electric, LLC can install it all. By setting up security lights and spotlights during new home electrical construction in Summerville SC, we can keep your family safe while deterring intruders and pesky wildlife.

Fan Installation

Installing ceiling fans in new homes can be tricky and hazardous, and it can lead to serious code violations if done incorrectly. Our team will determine when permits are required and which types of ceiling anchors are needed. Ceiling fans are quite heavy, so electrical boxes must be rated for their weight. After installing your ceiling fans safely and according to code, we will get the rest of your new home’s electrical fixtures set up.

Circuit Installation and Rewiring

If you’re living in an older home with aluminum wiring, we suggest a prompt and complete upgrade of its circuits. RAM Electric’s friendly technicians can evaluate your home’s wiring situation and make recommendations for upgrades. With some of Summerville’s most competitive prices, we will install new wiring to improve your home’s electrical stability.

We also offer a full range of circuit installation services that are perfect for those building homes. We’ll work with builders and other contractors to get the job done quickly, safely, and reliably. Request more information online or call today to schedule service.

Can Summerville Homeowners Run Their Own Wiring?

While it may bring short-term savings, do-it-yourself electrical work is dangerous and usually illegal. It may:

  • Increase the risk of serious injury and death by electrical shock
  • Create structural fires because of faulty wiring
  • Void your homeowner’s insurance policy

We recommend letting a qualified electrician in Summerville SC rewire and install circuits, replace power outlets, install ceiling fans and switches, and do other complicated projects., Our electricians go through several years of training to provide Summerville residents with the services they need.

Why Hire Trained Electricians for Circuit Installation?

DIY work might seem okay in the beginning, but wiring faults can cause fires and other electrical issues months or years into the future. Electrical work that’s done outside of code compliance will cause problems during an inspection if you decide to sell your home or relocate. RAM Electric’s technicians know local regulations and codes, and they’ll ensure that all circuits meet industry standards.

How Long Does Circuit Installation Take?

The length of time required to complete a wiring installation task depends on the size of the home, its electrical layout, and other factors. The job may take anywhere from a few days for simple outlet replacement to several weeks for a complete rewiring. By choosing RAM Electric’s team, you’ll get the area’s most proactive, communicative, and fast service. We’ll do what it takes to get the job done.

Contact Ram Electric for Circuit Installation and Rewiring

At RAM Electric, LLC, we value the utility and convenience of reliable electricity. We also respect its inherent dangers, and we will work to protect your family and home from the hazards of electrical power. Our electricians are superior troubleshooters—investigating issues and offering lasting solutions is our goal. Get more information on our website or call us today to schedule an estimate.