Ceiling Fan Installation in Summerville, SC

Millions of homes and businesses in America are equipped with ceiling fans these days. Not very long ago, they were often used as an alternative to air conditioning. At this point, though, they’re typically installed in conjunction with air conditioning to help keep homes and businesses more comfortable. With dozens of models available, Summerville residents can easily find a few that fit within their budgets while melding with their interior decor. If you’re interested in having ceiling fans installed in your home or business or updating the ones you already have in place, RAM Electric, LLC is here to help. 

Expert Ceiling Fan Installs for Summerville Residents

RAM Electric, LLC is your local residential electrical expert. Our team has extensive experience in catering to clients’ electrical needs. We’re excited to help homeowners in Summerville and the surrounding Charleston areas ramp up their energy efficiency and interior comfort. We’re committed to your satisfaction and dedicated to providing the highest possible levels of safety and satisfaction. Contact us to schedule our Ceiling fan installation services. 

Benefits of Adding Ceiling Fans to Your Arsenal

Ceiling fans offer several benefits for today’s homes and businesses. They can add a decorative element to any room. You’ll find an array of styles and colors on the market ranging from basic models to elaborate ones with added features. Many also feature lighting, so you don’t have to sacrifice your overhead lights to take advantage of all the benefits they can provide. That’s only the beginning. 

  • Energy Efficiency – As is the case with all electrical appliances and devices, ceiling fans use a certain amount of electricity. Having said that, they’re among the most energy-efficient means of regulating indoor temperatures. Though some models use more energy than others, all of them consume little more power than your interior lighting and far less than your HVAC system. 
  • Reduced Cooling Costs – Though ceiling fans don’t cool the air, they can provide a helpful boost for your air conditioning system. They generate a nice breeze and circulate the cool air the air conditioner produces. As such, you may not need to run your air conditioner quite as much as you would without Ceiling Fan Installation in Summerville, SC. This could help you save on cooling costs during the summer. 
  • Improved Heating Efficiency – While most people think of ceiling fans as tools for cooling their homes and businesses, they can also give your heating system a helping hand during the winter months. Warm air rises. When you reverse the direction of your ceiling fans with the simple flip of a switch on the motor, they can redistribute that warm air throughout the room. That could aid your heating system in keeping the winter chill at bay. 

Versatility is another advantage of ceiling fans. We’ve already mentioned that several ceiling fan models are available from unique and decorative to purely functional. At the same time, they can give both your heating and cooling system a boost. Since they’re available with integral lighting, you won’t have to pay for both ceiling fan installation and a lighting contractor in Summerville, SC to enjoy their benefits. On top of all that, you can even have them installed outdoors to make your deck or patio more comfortable. 

Do I Need to Hire a Professional to Install Ceiling Fans?

It’s certainly possible to install a ceiling fan on your own if you have the right tools and knowledge. It’s not recommended, though. Your electrical system is complex and potentially dangerous. Working with wiring and electricity requires skills and experience. You could do more harm than good by trying to install ceiling fans by yourself. It’s also important to ensure your ceiling can support the added weight of the fan. Nothing quite compares to waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of a fan dropping from the ceiling because it wasn’t properly secured and supported. 

Making the Most of Ceiling Fans and their Benefits

Ceiling fans certainly offer their fair share of benefits. Whether you choose basic models or customized styles, they’ll add a great deal of decorative appeal to any space. They’ll also help reduce your heating and cooling costs and may even eliminate the need to run the air conditioning on some of the more comfortable days. They require very little maintenance other than occasional cleanings, so you won’t have to give them constant attention to keep them up and running. 

If you’d like to start enjoying all those benefits, RAM Electric, LLC is here to help. Our experts offer professional ceiling fan installation as well as other electrical services, and we’re here to help you make the most of all the options available to you. Call us or fill out the form on our website to schedule an appointment, and let us use our knowledge and experience to help improve your home or business.